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Continuing Professional Development

Classroom professionals, who are not currently in permanent employment, often receive minimal training opportunities. As you’d expect, Celsian Education is different. We recognise the gap and have worked hard to develop a programme of CPD that is unrivalled in the educational staffing marketplace. 
Our Education Consultants, work closely with our candidates to ensure we consider and support their personal development throughout their career. Whilst all of our seminars are completely voluntary, we will actively encourage our supply team to participate in our sessions to keep their skills and knowledge up to-date with the very latest techniques and technology. Each year, we provide regular training opportunities, all free of charge, within each branch location at venues close to home.  Some of our sessions include;

Team-Teach works within the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) code of practice in positive handling strategies through a whole-setting approach. Working with leadership and management, the Team-Teach approach actively commits to reducing restraint and risk in educational settings.  Celsian Education has two of our own Team-Teach tutors, enabling us to run training courses across our branch network throughout the year.

Classroom Observation
This looks at the reasons for being observed, personal strengths & weaknesses to cover in preparation for being observed, what a school would be looking for as part of the observation process, external influences i.e. Ofsted, professional standards for teachers and performance management and receiving and responding to the observation feedback.

Behaviour Management
This session is designed to provide our supply team with the toolkit for maintaining positive behaviour. It looks at classroom organisation/seating, differentiated tasks, appropriate use of language, diffusion techniques and many more strategies.

Effective Classroom Teaching
Here we explore the different learning styles we encounter in the classroom - visual, auditory and kinesthetic. We also take a look at self evaluation and reflection.

Plus many more!
Please contact your local branch for further details.