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Educational Continued Professional Development

Due to COVID-19, all of our CPD is now fully available online!

Celsian Education are determined to continue building connections and communities during this difficult time of staying at home and social distancing.

The most important thing is the health and safety of our staff and candidates. Celsian Education are following the relevant precautions given by the government and public health departments and you will be unable to visit our offices until further notice. However, we wouldn't want you to miss out on our fantastic FREE CPD courses. These not only upskill you and help to advance your career in education, but they are creative and fun to participate in.

Please check the timetable below to see the list of upcoming courses. These will be ran via a platform called Microsoft Teams, you do not need to download anything. Upon reserving a place on a CPD course, you will receive instructions on how to join the online classroom on the day of the course.

Continued Professional Development with Celsian Education

In order to help you develop in your role we work together to provide you with opportunities to refine, reflect, and share your practice with other colleagues. We want to make sure you're up-to-date on new practices and are developing your skills, so we offer a number of training courses.

Kate Bellavia, our trainer, has over 25 years experience in primary schools both as a Classroom teacher & Senior leadership as well as volunteer teaching overseas. She has an extensive knowledge of the UK curriculum and will keep you updated with any new changes & initiatives. Training is informative, interactive & fun and her wealth of experience is always at the heart of it. 

For further information on CPD either email or fill in our enquiry form below and we'll be in touch.




Skills Network

Celsian Education have partnered with the Skills Network to bring you free online courses. 

The Skills Network offers a variety of courses! We have listed the most relevant to Education on the first few pages, but please feel free to enrol on any of the courses offered. 

Here is the link so you can have a look:


The courses are delivered via distance learning methods – either fully online or using paper-based learning materials. You will be supported throughout your learning journey by a dedicated Learner Support Advisor and subject specialist Tutor. On successful completion of your course, you will have achieved a level 2 qualification.

To enrol onto a course, please visit

Alternatively, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Enjoy your online learning! 



Teaching Jobs
Safe Guarding Within an Educational Setting

Safeguarding is the process of working to protect individuals from harm such as abuse, neglect, and exploitation. It ensures children grow up with safe and effective care and are given the best life chances.

Closely related, child protection is the process of working to help children who have already experienced harm in the form of violence, abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

The aim of this interactive training is to offer a more ‘hands-on’ approach to developing an understanding of these processes in schools, with clear reference to how this relates to your role and responsibilities within your setting. The opportunity & time for discussion is an invaluable aspect to these sessions.

(Relevant for everyone)

Positive Behaviour Management

As behaviour management still remains high on the list of priorities for teachers & support staff this is one of our most highly attended sessions.

There is no doubt that poor behaviour can at times cause significant disruption to the learning processes of students, and also result in stress and anxiety for those who have to deal with it. This 2 hour training session will firstly focus on the importance of adopting a consistent approach to behaviour management through following the schools behaviour policy. We shall look at a range of effective strategies (both verbal & non-verbal) aimed at developing your skills & confidence when tackling behavioural issues back in your classrooms.

With interactive activities & analysis through short video footage from Dr Bill Rogers (Australian educational consultant) this course will benefit anyone at any stage of their educational career, looking to develop their own skills in this area

(Relevant for everyone)


This training is ideal for teachers & support staff working within the early Years and Key Stage One. It will also benefit teachers who have been out of the profession for some time as well as Overseas staff who are new to phonics teaching in the UK.

We look at the fundamental ideas behind phonics teaching, necessary to develop strong reading and writing skills further into key stage 2, as outlined in the DfE letters and sounds documents. We aim to develop your knowledge & confidence in delivering a phonics session to your pupils. This training involves much group participation.

(Relevant for teachers/support staff in KS1 & Overseas teachers with English as a second language)

Maths Mystery in the Primary Classroom (NEW!)

In response to requests from our candidates we have developed a 2 hour session addressing the key elements required to deliver maths for mastery confidently in the classroom. Teaching maths for mastery is a transformational approach to maths teaching which stems from high performing Asian nations such as Singapore. When taught to master maths, children develop their mathematical fluency without resorting to rote learning and are able to solve non-routine maths problems without having to memorise procedures.

Key aspects include:

  • Students are given time to think deeply about their maths
  • Learners build self confidence
  • Differentiation is through depth rather than acceleration

(Relevant for anyone working in a Primary setting. Available from November 2019)

Cover Supervisor Training

This course explores the skills required to fulfil the role of a cover supervisor. It is an ideal progression for TA’s looking for more responsibility, sports coaches & undergraduates aspiring to a career in teaching.

We look at how a typical day would run, expectations and responsibilities of this role in a classroom. There is also much group participation within this session with the aim of building confidence in preparation for leading a class.

With Safeguarding and Positive behaviour management being a vital aspect to any role of responsibility in the classroom, this is covered also within the two & a half hours.

(Relevant to anyone wanting to work in a Secondary setting)

Introduction to Becoming a Teaching Assistant (NEW!)

Over the years Teaching Assistants (TA) have become more and more prominent in the classroom with the main role being to support the teacher in providing the best educational experience for their pupils. This could involve anything from covering a class, to teaching small groups or individuals with specific needs. No school or classroom is the same, therefore, it is really important to have a good understanding of the role and understand what might be expected of you.

This training session will look at a typical day & secure your understanding of roles & responsibilities required to fulfil this position.  We are committed to ensuring that you feel confident in the classroom enabling you to support & empower children with their learning.

This 2 hour session is fun, & interactive with an emphasis on group interaction, in preparation for the classroom.

(Suitable for anyone)

Building Resilience in the Classroom (NEW!)

Developing children's resilience is now being seen as important as academic learning in the classroom.

With the increase of challenges that children now have to meet on a daily basis it is vital we provide them with the ability to meet and overcome challenges in ways that maintain or promote their well-being. Through resilience our pupils are more likely to learn how to achieve academic and personal goals. Resilient young people feel a greater sense of control over their own destinies & therefore more prepared for life. We can play a major role in encouraging this.

Through referencing ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy,’ ‘Metacognitive’ learning strategies & skilled questioning we will provide you with the skills & confidence required to develop resilience in our young people, therefore having a much greater impact in the classroom.

(Relevant for anyone - Available from November 2019)

Exam Invigilation Training

Our exam invigilation training will take place in the Spring half term & Easter Holidays in preparation for the busiest exam period in the year.

We have a developed a course to support any new Exam Invigilators or those in need of a refresher. By the end of the session, we will ensure that you are fully aware of the correct systems & procedures necessary for setting up & supporting school examinations.

(Relevant for a Secondary setting)

SEN Continued Professional Development Courses

Introduction to MAKATON

Do you support pupils with little or no verbal skills? Research has proved that if we can offer those pupils methods in which to communicate with, it will dramatically reduce their anxiety & build self-esteem.

This 2 hour fun & interactive session programme will guide you through how to support the spoken language through a system signs & symbols. Makaton can be used with children & adults with a broad range of communication needs. The core vocabulary is made up of 450 words & we shall be learning to sign the main functional words.

If you have attended our Makaton training, you will be able to access our more advanced, Makaton 2 session.

Introduction to PECS

This session will also focus on providing your non-verbal pupils with a method of communication.

An introduction to the Pictorial Exchange System uses pictures to develop that important communication & enhance social skills. It can be used with children & adults with a wide range of learning, speech & communication difficulties. As with Makaton, this will be beneficial mostly, to teachers & support staff working within a SEND setting but also those working with non-verbal pupils in mainstream school.

Autism Awareness

Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them. Sometimes it can be challenging working with pupils on the Autism Spectrum. Our training will provide key information along with practical guidance on how to best support your pupils.

The way autism impacts on each individual is unique and no two people are exactly the same. We will consider a variety of communication strategies that can be used effectively including TEACCH approach & the Attention Autism Program which offers visually based & highly motivating activities.

Team Teach

Team Teach is an award-winning 'positive handling' training program which helps staff support pupils with challenging behaviour. It is a 2 day accredited course based on risk reduction involving de-escalation strategies & positive behaviour management, diversion & distraction & as a last resort, physical intervention.

Where possible the expectation is that course members will exhaust all positive behavioural management strategies before resorting to physical intervention. If this intervention is required Team Teach promotes a ‘caring’  ‘holistic’ approach with an emphasis on listening & learning, recovery & repair. Pupils will feel safe & protected.

As well as building your confidence in the classroom, on completion of this 2 day course, members will be suitably equipped to deal with challenging situations that may arise in their setting. There will be a small fee for this training.