Celsian campaign to fill Maths Science and English teaching vacancies for October 2014

Specialist recruiter, Celsian Education has embarked on a nationwide marketing campaign to capture the imagination of Britain’s top-performing teachers and bring their attention to the unprecedented number of maths, science and English teaching vacancies still waiting to be filled for the new school year.

Skills shortages, an aging workforce and an increasingly restrictive migration policy have all contributed to a nationwide deficit of teachers, while PGCE training courses remain unfilled at an unprecedented level.

The campaign - Britain’s Pupils Need You! - sets out to showcase the benefits of long-term contract teaching assignments and, via an email marketing campaign, targets four core audiences who are deemed most likely to view temporary assignments as an attractive career choice. These include career contract teachers who value flexibility and versatility; NQTs looking to find their teaching niche before their formal assessment year begins; overseas workers from Australia and New Zealand who want to combine a love of travel with their teaching careers; and mothers returning to the workforce after starting their families.

As part of the campaign, Celsian surveyed 500 secondary school pupils and 100 teachers to discover what elements of a teaching role they considered to be most critical. The findings are a powerful reminder of the huge impact that teachers have on children’s futures and the invaluable role they play in inspiring and supporting the next generation of talent. Highlights include: 

View from the classroom:
• 83% of pupils say they wouldn’t be able to fulfil their potential or dreams without good teachers
• 93% say that great teachers are vital to getting good A-Level grades, while 88% say the same about their GCSEs

View from the staffroom:
• Teachers feel that the most rewarding aspects of their careers are seeing pupils change in a positive way over time (75%) and making a difference to someone’s life (73%)
• 95% say a pupil has thanked them personally for helping them through an academic year or exam

For a full copy of the research report, click here. 

Lee Brammer, managing director, Celsian Education commented:

“The UK needs more quality teachers in core subjects, and the government needs to address this fast, and on several levels. New policies must be put in place to encourage more people into teaching in the UK, and also to attract talented teachers back into schools. Negative press around secondary schools and young people has not helped, and many teachers – and those considering the career – have become disillusioned. But our research shows what a powerful role teachers can play in the lives of their students, and we need to work with the rest of the industry and the government to remind people just how rewarding a career in teaching can be.”

As one of the UK’s largest specialist recruiters serving the UK’s education sector, Celsian Education places candidates on long-term temporary assignments in more than 1,000 schools across the country and currently works with 200 secondary schools all looking to find Britain’s best teaching talent. They currently have 150 vacancies available for core subject teachers next year. Celsian provides teachers with the chance to change location from one term to the next, and offers temporary assignments for one, two or three months. Celsian is also able to apply for jobs on behalf of its candidates.  

If you are a Maths, English or Science Teacher interested in registering your interest, please visit our website.