Celsian Education To Attend The Cass Careers Spring Fair

Our Celsian London team is attending the Cass Careers Spring Fair at the University of East London on Tuesday 4th March from 3.30 pm to 6.30pm.

The Cass Careers Spring Fair offers employers, charities and specialist recruitment agencies direct access to students and recent graduates across all programmes taught at the Cass School of Education and Communities.
Bryan Woods, Branch Manager at the Celsian London branch has attended the event with his team in November 2013.
Bryan said: "The event was very successful. There were large numbers of Early Childhood Studies candidates that were completing a degree to allow them to work as Nursery Nurses. There were less SEN students but that was because the students were still in class rather than on free periods hence running it later this time to allow more people to attend. However those that did attend were eager to learn more about Celsian Education. The event was well organised and timed perfectly. A constant stream of candidate came through the doors. All were relevant to our business rather than being general candidates looking for work. Space wise it allowed the event to have a full feeling without being over cramped. Numbers of exhibitors were kept low so as not to dilute the interest of the candidates. The also made sure that we were not operating in a competitive environment. So only one or 2 specialists from each area had attended."
Bryan will be joined this year by Hayley Jones, Senior Consultant who will be supporting him at the stand.
They look forward to attending the Cass Careers Spring Fair and hope to meet some great teaching talent!