Our Poetry Competition 2014 results

We launched a nationwide poetry competition back in May in search of the UK's best young poets. We asked our schools' students to write a four paragraph poem about someone they admire and send them back to us.

Two schools particularly stood out from the crowd and produced amazingly well-written and inspiring poems.

Congratulations to Sutton Community Academy based in Sutton-In-Ashfield, for being awarded our National Poetry Competition Winner 2014. 

Sutton Community Academy is working with our Derby branch and will receive a £100 Red Letter Days voucher as a prize.

Congratulations also to Hipperholme & Lightcliffe High School based in Halifax for winning our Regional Poetry Competition 2014 title.

Hipperholme & Lightcliffe High School is working with our team in Leeds and will receive a £25 Red Letter Days voucher as a prize.

We would also like to thank all schools who participated in our Poetry competition and sent their poems back to us! We hope you enjoyed engaging with your students while improving literacy! 

Read the poem written by Sutton Community Academy, our National winner.
Year 9

Gay Rights poem

I watch and read with angry eyes,
Glaring at their poisonous lies
'Their love is wrong, it corrupts our youth!'
Small-minded speech is what affronts my mind,
With venomous words spat by the blind.

He deserves love,
Something more than the tiresome shove
We call for freedom, a new kind of peace!
Something we all wish for,
Where acceptance for all washes to the shore.

Who is to say their love is a sin?
That they are not to be loved as one of God's kin?
Is two men being wed so vile, so wrong?
Is it truly that bad to take the hand of another man
Just as others so rightfully can?

They love each other, let them be!
Let them know there are others who see.
Allow them to have a lawful marriage,
And give them faith for equal rights,
For this dream should soon be in our sights.


Read the poem written by Hipperholme & Lightcliffe High School, our Regional winner.
Year 8/9

It's hard sometimes

My name is Molly
This poem may not rhyme
But I am not commiting a crime
Ok...that rhymed.

Anyway, I am a young carer
I look after my mum
She is very forgetful
But I am really helpful.

And help her through thick and thin
Well as I am a young carer
It is my job to take care of her
I love Mummy to bits.

But I know one day
She will pass away
And I will see her
The very next day.