Social Media Guide for UK Schools & Teachers

Today we are launching Celsian Education’s 2016 Social Media Guide for UK Schools & Teachers.

Outside of the school environment, social media is fast becoming the primary form of communication between children and teenagers. It has revolutionised social interaction and has created countless communities in which participants can share information, interests, advice and entertainment.

Although there are many upsides to social media, there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding safety and harassment online. Bullying is becoming more of a complex issue as the abuse can be unrelenting and have far more serious implications now we have fully embraced the digital age.

However, by staying up-to-date with the latest apps and platforms you can help protect your students and yourself from possible harm. This guide contains the most recent social media recommendations from trusted sources such as NASUWT, UK Department for Education, UK Safer Internet Centre, Childnet International and Edutopia. We will also update this guide periodically with relevant information as new trends develop.

You can download your Social Media Guide for free by clicking here.

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