Celsian's Annual Sunflower Competition 2017

As the end of the school term fast approaches, we are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Celsian Sunflower Competition!

The competition was launched to Primary schools on the 24th of April when we sent them sunflower pots, which included a pack of seeds, soil and a terracotta pot.

The schools had two months to get their sunflower growing and when it blossomed, they emailed us pictures and measurements of their sunflower.

The aim of the sunflower competition is to get school children and teachers growing sunflowers all over the UK. It is also the perfect time of the year to get children experiencing what spring is all about, first-hand.

Each branch winner will receive a £25 voucher, and the national winner will receive a £250 voucher!

This year's national winner is Tanners Brook Primary School in Southampton. Their sunflower reached a staggering 195 centimetres high!

The branch winners are:

Becket Primary School in Derby, 150cm 

Rolleston Primary School in Leicester, 69cm

Clarendon Road Community Primary School in Manchester, 30cm

Thank you to all of the schools that took part in this year's competition.

Sunflower Competition 2017