Senior Leadership Roles

Our recruitment teams work with educational establishments and children’s services to help find and recruit leaders who can effect positive change.

We specialise in both substantive and interim leadership, director and senior team appointments. 

We offer a no obligation consultation from which we submit the best and most cost effective solution to meet your requirements. 

We work with you to understand your requirements and provide a project managed bespoke solution that gets results. We commit to a fresh, research-driven approach on each recruitment assignment

Our specialist recruiters offer a cost effective flexible service to give you the support you need to ensure a smooth process which will lead to your high quality short list and successful appointment.

We recruit on both substantive & Interims basis:

* Headteachers/Principals
* MAT CEOs & Directors & Executive Heads/Principals
* Deputy Heads/Vice Principals & Assistant Heads/Principals
* School Business Managers/Bursars & Financial Directors/Managers
* HR Directors/Managers
* School Improvement Consultants/Advisors
* Subject Leaders & Specialist Roles

We can help you with:

* Campaign organisation & management
* Understanding the difference between 'active' and 'passive' candidates and how to reach them
* Creative marketing and advertising to attract the best 'active candidates'
* Headhunting  
* Technical assessment and final panel processes if required
* Interim support
* Much more from our flexible service options

Leadership recruitment

All the available evidence shows that recruiting the right leaders in education is the most important investment you can make. Governors, Academy Boards and Hiring Managers know how increasingly difficult it is to find high calibre leaders and how much of an impact the right appointment makes upon the life chances of your children and young people. Celsian can help and support you in finding the best talent from the whole candidate (active & passive) market and in making the right decision on who to appoint.

Each school and academy needs to recruit according to ‘context’

Celsian take time to understand your organisation, your culture and aspirations and the key skills, experience and characteristics of your ideal candidate. We can help you define your candidate requirements and what would attract the best candidates to your school or academy, and how to then convey that message in a positive way to suitable candidates.  What makes you the employer of choice for the best candidates? 

Fresh Approach and Fresh Search

Most schools who have recently recruited will tell you that relying upon advertising alone will not get you the high quality shortlist you had hoped for. The best leaders are usually too busy doing a good job in their current position to be looking at job adverts.  You need a more pro-active strategy. The most effective method takes time and commitment from specialist recruiters, and involves networking with and talking to the key people in the sector.  Celsian will treat your assignment as unique taking a fresh approach and conducting a fresh search every time. We identify leaders and future leaders who fit your brief and we then start a ‘soft dialogue’ with them to ensure we progress the best candidates through to your shortlist.

Interim Leadership & Management

Celsian provide our clients with high quality interim staff who can help you with project work to drive rapid improvement and standards, or hit the ground running to fill in for a long term absence.

We're a fantastic organisation to work with, so whether you're a potential client or an interim leader/manager considering a more flexible way of working, please contact us on 0121 6437854 or email to request further details.

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